Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Puppy Party!

Emmie (RHS) with her little sister Susie
Well, my beautiful daughter Emmie who epitomises all things girly, requested a puppy themed party for her 6th birthday.

It took me a while to come up with a good puppy theme, as I felt the pink-poodle theme has been done to death, and I wanted to offer my daughter something very special and unique just for her. She was thrilled (as was I!) with the outcome...

The Sweet Table, in all its glory!


'Dog Biscuits' also known as gingerbread!

All about the party...
  • We played 'Pin the tail on the Puppy', 'Cat, cat, dog' and 'Pass the Parcel'
  • We made puppy craft - puppy heads on wooden spoons and made our own puppy bookmarks.
  • We ate 'Dagwood Dogs/Pluto Pups', 'Hot Dogs', party pies and sausage rolls, cookies, cake and strawberries
The Dessert Table (designed by me!)

I had a lot of fun doing the dessert table. I really wanted to emphasise the personalised puppy theme, so I purchased small tins of Pringles chips and covered them with the party theme printables that I designed.  I also made printables for the little chocolate bars, drinks, and other labels for the party table.  I must admit this was very time consuming, but I was extremely happy with the outcome!

All party guests were given a pretty white box to fill with candy on their way out!