Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Pixie Hollow Party

Well, it was my little Susanna's 4th birthday and she chose a Tinkerbell/Disney Fairies theme.  This was an incredibly easy party to create thanks to the new Disney movies based around Tinkerbell and her beginnings in 'Pixie Hollow' - a wondrous place where all the fairies and pixies prepare for Spring on the mainland (aah, you have to watch it to understand!).

So, first of all here is my little Tinkerbell.  Isn't she cute?!
1. Here is the party table
A close up

2. Choc-Mint 'Flower Pots'
3. Sugar! White choc covered Oreo's with sugar butterflies
4. Pixie Bubbles to take home
5. The 'Birthday Cake'
6. Butterfly Cakes
7. Flower cakes
1. The table
Although I didn't do it justice, (because I couldn't find my cream damask table cloth!) I highly recommend the tutu skirt for the table.  It is so easy, and so effective.  I loved it and like I said before, it would have looked much better with a cream tablecloth, not the pattern one that was half covered up!  Click here for a tutorial on making a no-sew tutu dress.  I tried to make the table look as 'Pixie Hollow' as possible.  The garland string of roses were purchased from Spotlight for $15 each. 

2. Choc-Mint Flower Pots
To recreate a garden look, I made up a pack of instant chocolate pudding, added some peppermint essence to it and when they were set, coloured some coconut, green with food dye (for the grass) then added lavender and mint to make it look like a flower pot/plant. The inspirations for these came from here.

3. Choc covered Oreo's
My inspiration for these came from here.  However, the pop sticks I purchased were too thick for the cookies, so I improvised!

4. I purchased a pack of little bubble bottles and printed labels.  Bubbles are a hit with most kids!

5. I really lucked out with spotting the gorgeous Disney Fairies Cupcake Stand at spotlight for $12.99.  I was considering all sorts of cakes, but I decided using the stand would emphasise the theme and make it easier on me!

6. Butterfly Cakes
These were made using a cut portion of musk stick and sugar hearts (purchased from Cake Decorating Central), then drew on the antlers with a ready made icing tube.

7. Flower Cakes
Icing piped with a zip lock bag! Decorated with sugar roses and tiny little sugar butterflies - all available from your local Woolworths!

All printables designed by me. 

If you have any questions, leave me a comment! Thanks xxx