Sunday, 28 November 2010

Let your heart be light

For the last few years Christmas has been bitter-sweet. Let me explain...we have been living overseas and we have enjoyed it - all of it except Christmas time.  Christmas is a time to be with family and being away from your loved ones during Christmas is almost unbearable. 

I love Christmas time.  I relish putting up the tree, decorating the house, making Christmas goodies in the kitchen and mulling over what to serve on Christmas day.  Other than my sister, the only other person who takes on Christmas with full speed was my mother in law, Pam.  Living back in Sydney we would start at the end of October talking about what needed to be done in preparation, stocking up on Christmas staples and making our lists.

I have so many fond memories of organising Christmas with Pam.  My favourite memories would probably be Pudding Duty - as we called it...taking turns watching the puddings cook on the stove ensuring they didn't dry out during the six hours it took to cook them.   We had fun staying awake, playing cards, eating fruit mince pies and having a good yarn.

Christmas shopping was a marathon that needed to be paced to ensure longevity. It was not unusual to spend a good half day in one shop.  Then there was the time we went shopping after her radiology appointment and got thrown out the shop after I dropped something.  Needless to say you had to be there, but it provided both of us with a much needed laugh and giggle. 

Pam knew how Christmas was supposed to be and so did I.  She knew it was a time of giving and sharing your home up to people who didn't have family. 

Over the last few years we would chat a lot on the phone at Christmas.  She was sad that we weren't there with them, and we were sad too.  I told her when I played 'Have yourself a merry little Chirstmas' that I was reminded that 'some day soon we all will be together'.

Unfortunately the fates didn't allow, and even though we returned this year to Australia to be with her, she is no longer with us.  I miss her terribly, and so much more at Christmas time.

I don't expect I've conveyed in these short paragraphs exactly what Christmas with Pam was like for me, but I would like to say if you have loved ones close to you this Christmas LOVE them.  Cherish each moment, silly or serious....and have yourself a merry little Christmas. xxx.


  1. I just stumbled on this blog and what a lovely piece. It is so sad that people don't embrace their families... because tomorrow might not come.

  2. She is very missed Amy (((HUGS))), it must be such a hard time for you all, may God bring you peace and comfort at this time.

  3. Thanks Anonymous! Hope you come back again for a read.