Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Value of Human Life

As a Christian, I am horrified to admit the jury is still out for me when it comes to abortion.  I say this because murder outside the womb is no different to murder inside the womb. It's all that...murder.

I value human life, but you can bet your bottom dollar if I walked in on someone molesting my child and a loaded gun was handy consider that humans life gone!  Or, maybe if somehow I was transported back in time to Germany 1928 and I had a clear shot at Hitler.  Imagine...the murder of that one man could save the suffering and misery, not to mention the lives of millions of people.  How many Einstein's perished in the Holocaust? How many Leonard Bernstein's or Itzhtak Perlmans? Or, how many Sigmund Freud's? I also do wonder how many great lives never got a chance to shine outside of their mothers womb?  How is it possible that I can say this and at the same time wish Hitler never took a breath outside his mothers womb?

If I put on the mind of Christ I see value and hope in every life.  Even Hitler. I know there is a verse in the bible that says God looks beyond what is and sees what can be.  But can I? 

During my life, growing up I saw first hand the suffering of so many children who in my heart of hearts I wished had not been born due to the intolerable neglect and abuse they sustained in their tiny lives at the hands of their 'parents'.  What hope is there for those children who have experienced such despicable conditions?  What becomes of their lives and the lives of their offspring?  Sadly the stats tell us more often than not if they are kept in this environment they are destined to inflict the same kind of treatment onto the next generation and so on.  I want to cry.  I don't understand any of this.  I don't understand why some are saved from this, while other little ones endure such atrocities.

I value those little lives - the ones that are being neglected and abused.  But the person that bought them into the world doesn't. Where is the value of human life there?

The reality is, I am not the judge. I am not the jury.  I cannot say what is right for one person, and wrong for another.  I cannot say one persons life has more value than another.

I do not like abortion, but it happens.  It makes me sad.  I hold no condemnation for someone whose had an abortion or for someone who is considering an abortion. And, for the record....either does God.


  1. Stumbling upon this blog I decided to make a comment:-
    There is a reason that everyone is put on this earth..... Lets just say Hitler wasn't born(was aborted), how many Jewish people would have NOT relied on their faith or turned to God for their survival?!?
    What if my friend (who happens to be adopted) had been aborted? The joy of having a child would have been removed from his (adoptive)parents!!!
    In relation to abused and neglected children, aren't we as christians here on earth to minister and pray for them.
    For me personally - God's word is law and abortion is murder(read Psalm 139:13-14)!! God knew us BEFORE we were born and we are fearfully and wonderfully made!!! God makes no mistakes. We weren't just Fetuses we were human form.
    As Christians, we have God's word to live by and by accepting Jesus into our hearts have made that choice to live by it. We can backslide and make mistakes but there is always forgiveness.
    To finish - while we disagree with abortion etc, we cannot judge others (Matthew 7)!
    Unfortunately I disagree with you - There is no grey area in Christianity.

  2. Thank you for your comment Anonymous :)

  3. Suffering can be a generational issue that is not necessarily solved by abortion. There are reason's why God allows suffering and hard times - but there is always blessings at the end when we are faithful and true.

    We live on the promise of God our rock. It doesn't mean that we are free of suffering - but by faith we will come through.

    The is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.. That is true and we should be aware of being judgemental because we ourselves are without sin and sin is sin!!!

    We as Christians are to be God fearing, all loving, non-judgemental beings, however, it doesn't mean compromising our faith by picking and choosing what we agree and don't agree with.

    It's true, there is NO grey area in Christianity - God's Word is law!!!

    Have a great day and thanks for the blog post - it really made me think hard!!!

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      I hope you come back and read more.