Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Perfect Massaman Curry - the best recipe

Photography by Louise Lister

I've recently joined a foodie group (even though I hate the word foodie).  We meet once a month and take turns hosting it.  Everyone cooks and brings a dish or two from the designated cuisine we are exploring that month.

Last Saturday night was once again an amazing experience hosted by my newly acquainted, lovely friend Denise.  The theme was Thai and Denise is an absolute expert in Thai cuisine having travelled there and also trained in the art of Thai cooking.  Naturally, the dishes Denise cooked were absolutely DIVINE.  The rest of us cooked well, but Denise supplied the star dishes of the evening.  Anyhow, I digress.

What I wanted to share was the recipe I used for Massaman Curry.  I usually just use a paste and add coconut milk, but this time I decided to go the extra mile and the results were perfect.  I highly recommend this recipe.  Have a go.  It is beautiful: Perfect Beef Massaman Curry at

And, if you're feeling in an authentic mood can I suggest you cook some coconut rice to accompany your Massaman.  This is a really good recipe too. Yum!

PS...I hate peanuts so I left them out of the curry.

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